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Position given OBJID

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Hi experts,

I have an interface that just update table T528T... the problem is that when we update the table with the loading file... the description of the position is not updating in HRP1000/HRP1001 and therefore, when we enter in IT0001 of the employee it has got the old description of position.

I was told that this should be corrected just updating HRP1000 but I do not know if it could be generate any incosistency as there will be no entry in HRP1001. I do not know if the best solution would be to create entries in HRP1000 and HRP1001 with RH_INSERT_INFTY or if there is any other function module that I can use.

In the loading file I have the nº of position (OBJID) and the description.

Thanks in advance,

Pablo del Pino


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Hi Anand,

Thanks for your answer. However I think I have to insert a new entry in HRP1000 as they give me as key fields position, description and begda/endda.... so I suppose that the best is to create a new entry with same position but with different description of itself and different validate dates. As I have read RH_UPDATE_INFTY, just update the infotype but without changing the key fields (in that case, begda/enda cannot be changed as they fields to look for it in the HRP1000 to update).

As the positions that they give to me already exists I think that there is no need to update anything in HRP1001 so I just have to create a new entry in HRP1000 that will be the last update entry (and this one will be used in IT0001 for example).

I think that RH_INSERT_INFTY is still being my best option here.


Pablo del Pino

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look at report RHINTE00

There the integration between PA and OM is done correctly