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PO Release Strategy change

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Hi All,

We have defined release procedures like

If amount <= 75000 - Purchasing Manager

If amount >= 75000 - Vice president.

Problem is If PO Created (amount < 75000) by Purchasing Manager, I have to change the Release procedure directly to Vice president, is there any User exit to resolve this problem.




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There is a a user exit in SAP Enhancement M06E0004 which is used to change the communication structure CEKKO used further in the PO program to determine the release strategy. In the include ZXM06U22 inside FM EXIT_SAPLEBND_002 , if you can somehow pass a value of greater than 75000 ( say 75001 ) in CEKKO-GNETW I guess the release startegy proposed would be VP . To do this you can first call FM ME_REL_STRATEGIE_EKKO in the user exit to get the Releasing Authority . If releasing authority is the same as the user who has created the PO (SY-UNAME ) then just increase the value to next approval level.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Sanjay, thanks for your quick response. I will try this. what i'm trying is I have extended Communication structure CEKKO with ERNAM(created by) and created new characteristic, assigned in class type. Maintained Purchasing Manager name in Release strategy. First i will try your exit.



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Hi Boss,

I like to set the Purchase order release strategy based on the over delivery tolerance. But when i checking, the over delivery tolerance filed UEBTO is not in the communication structure CEKKO. Can you please help me how should i extend the CEKKO with field UEBTO.

I do not have the ABAP experience, please guide me with coding.

Thank you,