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PO outbound message control - Condition record

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I have created a message control for outbound PO to be sent to one unique customer(actually a plant set up as customer).This works fine.

Right now, I have condition record table set up by just document type this and I have specified this customer number (partner number) there. Now, my requirements have changed and I need to send POs to variable customers(partners), depending on the plant on the PO. So i created another conditional table '925' with Doc type & Plant as key. This does not seem to be queried upon and I am unable to determine the output and create IDOCs. Since plant is at item level, will i be able to use this field in the condition table at all ? Please advice.


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You don't have the provision to trigger the output at the line item level in PO, so this is not possible, you can trigger an output only from the header level, so try to map some field in the header with the plant at the item level through user exit and then create a new condition table for that field and maintain the condition records.

Check this option and it might help you.



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I found a OSS note -Note 457497 (Q&A # 34), which talks about the same . This was my assumption too. I was just confused because I saw plant(WERKS) in the field catalag of the access sequence.

I don't know what header field I can use to map the plant (I agree its a good idea to do this). But I have decided to do it another way. I will change the receiving partner on the control record depending on the plant in an user exit


Thanks for your answer , Mahesh.