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PO line item changes.

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How should I know for which line item has been changed/modified by whom. By using this CDHDR and CDPOS I did't find this.. please help me in getting 'Change order amount' this field I am able to see in EREV table but the problem is to know which line item or header it is.




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HI Reddy,

You can check in the table CDHDR by passing the below values in selection screen of CDHDR table.


CDHDR-OBJECTID = Po number and

based on this you can get the CDHDR values . Go to CDPOS table and pass the above values and Change number(Which U can get in CDHDR ) then U will get the CDPOS values.

Hope this will be helpful !!

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How should I get the line item numbers..

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The PO line item numbers? Table EKPO.


Rich Heilman

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They're in CDPOS.


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Hi Reddy,

To see which Line number was changed, you can look at the field TABKEY in CDPOS. Once u get the change no from CDHRD, go to CDPOS and enter object Class as 'EINKBELEG', Object Id as 'PO Number', Changenr found from CDHDR and u will get all the changes. See the field name FNAME for the field you are looking the changes for and TABKEY will provide you the line number.

The entry in TABKEY will be like 105452000000100010 or 105452000000100020 and if you see the last 2 characters are 10, 20 in this case which stands for the line number.

Hope this will help you

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Hi Reddy

Forgot to tell something

In TABKEY value 105452000000100010, the first 3 letters are client no (105 in this case) and the next 10 characters (4520000000) are the PO number and the next 5 characters are for the line item number (00010)