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PO Form

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this is reqq in smartform.

Right now the printer located is local printer.

but need to locate a printer from output control. how to make this in print prgram. i am using a custom print prgram where i am just calling the FM and passing the values to smartform.

Along with that email and fax need to be send to the customer.

Please help me how to code this in print prg.




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By default smartform send output to printer. For that you don't have to specify

Control parameters.

But when you want to send a Fax as output then pass device in contro parameters

of smartform = 'TELEFAX'.

Then you will get popup for Fax.

To send default country key and numbers you will have to specify

output options to smartform.



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You can get the default print parameters of the user using GET_PRINT_PARAM function. This will give the printer name that can be passed to the SMART Form paramters.

There are two ways in which you can send the email and fax also. Configure the message determination so that it will output three records one each for the print, email and fax.

Else, have a custom program do manually.

You can convert the output of the SMART Form into PDF and send that as a mail.



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