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PM Order: Get Person Responsible

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Hi All.

Does anybody know where the table is where I can find the personnel number and/or personnel name of the person responsible that links to a specific order?

If I have the pernr, I know how to find the employee

in the relevant HR table.

I apppreciate any help.




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Are you looking for the table


where in you can find person created or last changed person using



If not this is not you needed check the list of PM tables at



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you can query table PA0002.

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Hi Sharath

Yes, I have to get it from PA002, but how do I get the

personnel number from the PM order?



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Pass the PM number to AUFK and get field USER2. This should be having Person responsible.

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You can use AUFK-USER2 for Person Resposible of PM order.



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The field AUFK-USER2 does not have a value, but the order does.

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Hi Ryno Boyens ,


Use AUFK-ERNAM field .This is user ID of Who has created ORDER .


Use Infotype table PA0105 (Communications IT).

Get the PERNR from this table like this

Select single PERNR

from PA0105

into l_pernr

where subty = '0001'

and usrid = AUFK-ERNAM

and begda le sy-datum

and endda ge sy-datum.


The below is must.

and begda le sy-datum

and endda ge sy-datum.


After getting PERNR from that table get emp name from PA0001

Select single ENAME

from PA0001

into l_ename

where pernr = l_pernr

and begda le sy-datum

and endda ge sy-datum.

I think that it helps u .



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I require the person responsible's name per operation.

For Example:

1. Go to IW33, put in an order.

2. Click on the operations tab.

3. Click on the general button at the bottom.

4. Click on the requirements assignment tab (if it exists)

5. There is a person column.

I need that person's name, I dont have the personnel number.

Thank you

Hi Ryno Boyens,

To get the person responsible for the PM order follow the logic.

Pass the order OBJNR to IHPA table and pick the PARNR field.

Pass the PARNR field as PERNR field in PA0002 Table and get VORNA NACHN fields.