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performance problem in using vbak table

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hi everybody,

How can I improve query performance?
data: begin of lt_itab1,
vkorg like vbak-vkorg,
vtweg like vbak-vtweg,
vbeln like vbak-vbeln,
posnr like vbap-posnr,
matnr like vbap-matnr,
kunnr like vbak-kunnr,
name1 like kna1-name1,
fatmust like vbpa-kunnr,
name2 like kna1-name1,
vgbel like vbak-vgbel,
edatu like vbep-edatu,
aufnr like caufv-aufnr,
fatno like vbrp-vbeln,
atwrt1 like cawn-atwrt,
atwtb1 like cawnt-atwtb,
atwrt2 like cawn-atwrt,
atwtb2 like cawnt-atwtb,
atwrt3 like cawn-atwrt,
atwtb3 like cawnt-atwtb.
data: end of lt_itab1.

data: begin of itab1 occurs 0,
chk type c,
cuobj like vbap-cuobj,
atbez1 like cabnt-atbez,
atinn1 like cabn-atinn,
atnam1 like cabn-atnam,
atbez2 like cabnt-atbez,
atinn2 like cabn-atinn,
atnam2 like cabn-atnam,
atwrt2a like cawn-atwrt,
atbez3 like cabnt-atbez,
atinn3 like cabn-atinn,
atnam3 like cabn-atnam,
atwrt4 like cawn-atwrt,
atwtb4 like cawnt-atwtb.
include structure lt_itab1.
data: end of itab1.
select vbak~vkorg vbak~vtweg
vbpa~kunnr as fatmust
vbrp~vbeln as fatno
into corresponding fields of table itab1
from vbak
inner join vbap on vbap~vbeln = vbak~vbeln
inner join vbep on vbep~vbeln = vbap~vbeln
and vbep~posnr = vbap~posnr
inner join kna1 on kna1~kunnr = vbak~kunnr
left outer join vbpa on vbak~vbeln = vbpa~vbeln
and vbpa~posnr = 0
and vbpa~parvw = 'RE'
left outer join vbrp on vbap~vbeln = vbrp~aubel
and vbap~posnr = vbrp~aupos
where vbak~vbeln in p_vbeln
and vbak~kunnr in p_kunnr
and vbak~vbtyp = 'C'
and vbap~posnr in p_posnr
and vbap~abgru eq space
and vbep~edatu in p_edatu.

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Hi Murat

Using the transaction code ST12 enable the trace and find the expense sql statements.



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Get the database Execution Plan of this statement, analyze it and improve your statement. If you can't, attach the Execution Plan to your question.

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Alas, SAP removed some years ago the good old Note 185530 - Performance: Customer developments in SD.(even if you should be able to find it in the web...)

So trace SQL and analyze Execution plan and look at available index for performance.

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adding check Index ADV tables: VAPMA VAKPA .... (there is a program to activate some of these index)

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To manage indexes suggested by frdric.girod, look at OSS note 103212 - Bad performance during SD document update (look for SM30 on TVIND and report RVV05IVB)

Important transaction codes

  • SE30 - Runtime analysis
  • SM50 - Work process overview
  • STAD - Individual statistics -
  • ST05 - SQL trace