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Performace issue for a view like - Z_MARA_MVKE

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Hi ,

I am facing an issue for the view - Z_MARA_MVKE which is collecting entry from Mara and MVKE table.

Now this view contains more than 36 lakhs entries for which this view is showing performance issue for us which is taking more than 10 mins time to execute . Can you please give me some suggestion how we can increase the performance of this view?

Moderator message: please use international units only, 36 lakhs = 3.6 million.

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Are the MARA and MVKE table connected by primary key (MANDT+MATNR)? If not then change it to this.

If you try to restrict the values by a non-key and non-indexed field, like a Z- apppend field, it could be slow.

You might try to create an index for the field, you wanted to use for restricting the number of entries. You can use SE11 transaction for creating additinal indexes for tables (not for the views).

You can create additinal indexes even for SAP standard tables, like MARA and MVKE.



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secondary indices are rarely a good solution, IMHO. I try to always figure out a way to use the primary key on the tables if possible. Not sure what you really gain from a view of these two tables...are you able to supply a value for VKORG and VTWEG in MVKE?

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Hi Sanjay,

You have created a view over MARA and MVKE tables which does not contains full primary key (matnr, vkorg and vtweg ) of table MVKE that's why it has been giving you lots of records.

My suggestion is to create a new view with three tables MARA, MSTA and MVKE (zmara_msta_mvke) so that it will get its full primary key. I have checked with the program as well as view and it has been giving the limited results.

I hope it will solve your technical problem.



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Please quote your entire join conditions and, if applicable, selection criteria of this view here to help the analysis.