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Pending PO

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Hi All,

Whats is the pending PO . From which table we get details of Pending PO.


Niraj Kumar


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I don't think there is any status called as Pending PO. Look at the status of the PO - table EKKO. Similar status field also will be there at a item level - EKPO table. From that you should be able to figure which PO has not been delivered yet.

Pending - Word can different meanings depending on your client - Either they are not released, not delivered or not invoiced.



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Hi Niraj:

you can use table EKBE and EKBZ for this purpose. In that u will get the PO history. And You can use EKBI View also for this purpose.

Using this u can fine whether that the PO is open(pending ) or not.

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There is field called "Delivery Completed Indicator" -> EKPO-ELIKZ. SPACE means still to be delivered , "X" means line item fully delievered.

But wheteher this indicator is set or not depends on your system configuartion.

You can also check EKET-MENGE ( Delivery sch qty ) vs EKET-WEMNG ( delivered qty ) for each schedule line of a PO line item to check if all the lines have been delivered.