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PDF-based forms

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needed help..........

how to create PDF-based forms


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With the existing SAP FORMS(SAP Scripts/Smartforms) generate the output for the respective application document

Take the Spool number of the form and convert the same spool to PDF format using the fun module CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF and mail it/use it

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go through this link



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Hi manu kumar,

pdf forms without interactive...go thru the link..


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check the following link



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1. Why do you go for PDF Based Forms when you have SAP Scripts/Smart Forms?

In US and Europe under section 508 each and every business document should be accessible for impaired people.

Communication is possible using XML.

We can work off line (when SAP system is down).

2. The Settings involved in SAP Scripts/Smart Forms.

All Fonts, output type, Driver programs and printer details.

Myriad Pro (some font name like that) is not available in PDF form. For other fonts no extra setting is required

Changes in Driver Program

Driver program

• Get name of the generated function module


• Print job needs to be opened exclusively for forms of new interface


• Now call the generated function module

… After PDF form is created it will generated FM

CALL FUNCTION gv_fm_name

• Close spool job


3. Does the same font/printer is supported when converted to PDF Based forms?


4. What difficulties are faced when conversion? Limitations in PDF Based Forms which cannot be done when trying to convert Smart forms/Sap Scripts?

Certain conditions are there in Sap Scripts and Smart forms that can not be handled in PDF, there is something called as Scripting in PDF. Using that we can handle such kind of exceptions .But according to Good Programming technique we should rarely use it, because it affects the performance of the form.

5. Limitations of PDF Based Forms as such?

There is a concept called as nested tables, from Accessibility point of view there is problem.

Headers on different pages. This is again an accessibility problem.

Preprinted forms.

6. Procedure Assigning output types for PDF Based forms and testing them?

Some Basis Problem is there, that’s why I am not able to view the layout

7. Printer configurations in PDF Based forms and the Paper size?

• Default printer should be Local

• Page Scaling should be None

• Chose paper source by PDF Page size.


points plz (if this information is usefull for U ).



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Use this function module: <b>CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF</b>, this converts your spool request to a PDF file on your desktop.

You have to send your report to printer and then print the spool to PDF file, so if the user sets his/her defaults to "print immediately"...boom! waste of paper. But this can be over come by using the function module - GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS to suppress printing but just create spool.

<u>2. You cannot control the font size on reports, so is your PDF file.</u>

<b>Alternate function module: SX_OBJECT_CONVERT_OTF_PDF.</b>


<b>SAP SCRIPT/SMART FORMS convert to PDF</b>

1) copy script to smart form

smartform---->utilities-->migrate sapscript form--->provide name(script form to be copy)-->enter--->enter>save--->activate.


1. Print the smartform to the spool.

2. Note the spool number.

3. Download a PDF file (Acrobat Reader) version of the spool by running Program RSTXPDFT4 and entering the noted spool number.

follow this link for more details.