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Payslip to PDF(Dotted lines)

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hi all,

I have written a code to extract the ESS Payslip using FM GET_PAYSLIP.

Then i pass it to a Smartform and convert it to PDF using the OTF data.

the problem im facing is the the lines in the payslip are coming as dotted lines.

when i debugged it ..the data i m getting from the FM GET_PAYSLIP is dotted itself... ex '-----'.

but when i run the FM in se37 it is a normal line as in ESS.

What can be the reason and hw to tackle it????


Johnson George.


Former Member
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Check program RSTXPDFT4

Thanks & regards.

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this is a program to convert SPOOL to PDF...

Spool has nothing to do with what i am trying to do..

neways thanks for the quick reponse.


johnson george

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So you are expecting the Dotted lines instead of a solid line..??

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hi Vijay,

I m expecting a solid instead of dotted lines..

In the ESS the payslip shows as solid lines.

when i run the FM in SE37 the output is in solid lines..


when i use it in the program,the output is dotted lines..

and even when i convert it to PDF ...the PDF comes in dotted lines..

also. i checked it in the debugging mode ...also the FM get_payslip gives output as dotted lines....

i tried converting the payslip to pdf in two ways..

1st way> using FM..GET_PAYSLIP,

then pass output it to a SMARTFORM

and then get OTF data and convert it.

2nd way>using FM bapi_get_payslip_pdf

then passing the output to FM scms_xstring_to_binary.

as i said in both the cases i get dotted lines.


Johnson George

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Sounds like the form designer "drew" his underline with data instead of using putting a "real" line into the form. May not be much you can do at this point, other than change the original form design to utilize a line instead of a data element containing dashes or underscores.

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The problem lies in the HR Form...

checked the HR form in is designed in that way...

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Hi Johnson,

Please share if you solved the problem. I have the exactly same problem.

Many thanks,


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Hi Johnson,

Were you able to resolve this problem? I am also facing the same issue.

Should we go for HRFORMS to achieve the reqmt.

Appreciate your help.



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I am also facing same issue. It is showing solid line border in my sap payslip screen that is designed through pe51, but after downloading in pdf solid lines changes to dotted lines. How to resolve this issue if anyone can light on this issue.

Thanks & regards,

Kishore M

First, you should create your own question, and not used an old one

Second, this is the "normal" to have the print output with "dotted lines" --> ------

if you want a beautiful pdf, use Adobe form

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Thank you for your input. I shall keep in mind for next time.

As you said, This is normal to get Dotted lines in pdf. Is there any way we can change this to solid lines when we are using SAP-Script.

Thanks & regards,

Kishore M