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passing values from form in Workflow

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Dear Friends,

I am inserting a form in workflow and i want u use the values which i enter in form for further processing. I wish to know how can i return the values from the form.

eg. i have a form which has matnr & maktx on it. now if i enter the value of matnr as '38' i wish to send mail as 'material entered is 38' and if i enter material as '39' it should send mail as 'material entered in 39'.

Please help me as i need the solution very urgently.



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Please explain what you mean by "inserting a form in workflow". Is it a start form for the workflow or a dialog step based on a standard or custom transaction screen?


Ramki Maley.

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Dear Ramki ,

this form i hav added as a dialog step..i.e. i hav selected the "form" in "step selection". here i hav added my structure to the form and made 1 field as input field. Based on the value i select in this input field i want to process further . I want to give user selction based on the value i enter in this input field of the form.

If possible send me ur chat id so that i can explaing the problem on chat.


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Hi Ajay,

Are you able to start your workflow and execute the form work item? If so whatever value you enter on the form will be available in corresponding field of the structure element of the workflow container. You can then have a multiple condition step based on the field to branch off.


Ramki Maley.

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Hi Ramki,

I have stored the values on the form but in binding i m not getting the return value from the form due to which it doesnot respond further. I have ticked IMPORT & EXPORT for the structure values.

Hope u have understand my problem. If possible send me any example which u hav done at ur end with proper steps.