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Parallel Processing

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I have two Performs in my Report program which are independent but the resulting two differernt Internal tables will be displayed on two different subscreens as ALV on same Main Screen.

My problem is that both performs contain Join statements which are time consuming .I cannot schedule it for Background processing as Subscreens are involved.

Please tell me a method to parallely execute both the performs as I believe I can save time if both are executed simultaneously.

I tried SUBMIT but it cannot execute both performs at same time. I need your help.

Thanks and Regards,



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Hi Sentinel,

In rare cases I saw parallel executions solve a timeout problem due to a database access.

You must check FIRST your SQL statment if it is really tunned.

Analyse it on ST05, maybe spit into fewer peaces...

Anyway, follow some information about parallel processing found by search:

Regards, Fernando Da Ró

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No need to go for a parallel processing here, could you post your time consuming join statements, probably I can provide some solutions.


Antony Thomas

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Moderator message - Please see before posting - JOINs are probably not your problem Rob