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outbound inbound missmatch

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could any one help me to analyse this ALE IDOC issue.

we have system cofigured in this way.

The purchse order from one system is sent to another system as sales order.

but the problem is. we have 5outbound idocs and only 3 inbound idocs are generating.

all setting are correct.


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Hi Sathish,

Could you please eloborate ur issue.


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we have all correct setting, what i mean is. it is production system.

it is triggering outbound idocs let it be 5. and all five are having status 03.

but in target system we are not getting all 5 inbound idocs, instead we are getting only 3 inbound idocs,this 3 idoc are showing correct status 53.

my question is ?

what happened to the 2 missing idocs.

if any settings were wrong. all this will not get status 03.

how to analze this problem.

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Check your message queue via SM58, are the idocs stuck in there?

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Hi Sathish,

Have you checked transactional RFC queue (transaction SM58) in SAP system that sent the PO Idocs?

Maybe you find out missing Idoc messages there.

Additionally you can execute program RBDMOIND in that system and check if all 5 Idocs status are changed from 3 (not valid if ALEAUD are returned) to 12. If 2 Idocs status remain in 03 it means that both are not sent to the target system yet.

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