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OTF Specification

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We are trying to convert OTF to HTML. We can not find a clean way to do this since our forms are written in SAPScript instead of Smart Forms.

So we are embarking on our own conversion program. The problem is that we can not seem to find a specification for the OTF format. The closest we can find is the constants defined in the CONVERT_OTF function module.

Can someone point me in the right direction for a documented specification?




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You should use ITF format instead of OTF.




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Hi Thomas,

The seems to put us in the right direction. In general, we want to convert an Order Confirmation output to HTML. Will CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML maintain the layout of the page (footers, field location, etc?)

We have a program that provides data to a layout set (SAP Script) and then issues the output as a spool request. Can we take this SAPScript after the data has been added and convert it to HTML using this function? We're a little worried about layout.



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Function module CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML converts a SAPscript text to HTML in order to allow it to be displayed using an HTML3.X browser (NetScape, MS Internet Explorer etc.) on the Internet. Both the text header (ABAP Dictionary structure THEAD) and the text lines (ABAP Dictionary structure TDLINES) must be entered.

After a successful conversion CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML provides you with a table with corresponding HTML text. SAPscript commands, include texts, as well as standard, system, and text symbols are dissolved during conversion as long as the dissolution requires no form preparation (composer).

You can have SAPscript paragraph and character formats assigned to a particular HTML format when they are called by using a corresponding mapping table.

The various parameters that control conversion:

Check ITF texts for correct syntax

Dissolve symbols, include texts, and control commands

Output control commands and text elements that could not be interpreted

Specify CALLBACK routines for link interpretation

Suppress HTML headers

Determine HTML backgrounds


An example of how CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML is used can be found in report <b>RSTXHTML</b>. This report can convert both standard and documentation texts (for example, text name ABAPSELECT, text object DOKU, or text ID SD) into HTML format.

Also just work around Program GLOS_DOWNLOAD_HTML and Function Groups STXK and STXN (SE37==> GOTO==> Function Groups==>Display)

Best Wishes,