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oss notes with delete, insert, parameter settings

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hi all,

please can go through the customer requirement and provide me solution as it is very urgent.


The global objective of the project is to set up the management of the IBAN for all the European countries.

In a first time, (first package) we have to do the appropriate enhancements for 3 countries : Luxemburg, Poland and Great Britain.

In order to make move these three countries, please apply the following OSS Notes :

- 0578514

- 0743172

Please pay attention to the following points :

it consists in :

1- delete some lines as indicated in the Notes

2- insert new code, as indicated in the Notes

3- and then, activate the parameters setting as indicated - Transaction FIBF - objects 3030 and 3040


above is the requirement, could any one tell me what is about and solution.

thanx u all in advance and points



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Use <b>Snote</b> Transaction

and if required use access key.

Then use insert delete assisant.

insert,delete options are used for history maintiance.

U can view all chnages

Edit->Modification operations->Modification Overiew

U can remove that all button using

Edit->Modification operations->Switch off assisastant



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i have downloaded oss notes, but while implementation there is red status (it is not getting one FM).

in your replay u said one has to use insert,delete options, but where these option comes while applying oss notes or after oss notes applied.

then u mentioned

Edit->Modification operations->Modification Overiew

where is this existing.

please elaborate more on this.

last but imp, what i have to delete and insert.



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Hi Raj,

select the lines which you want to delete then click on Dlete button. and click on insert to insert the lines.

if you use them then the comments will be generated automatically some thing like this

for deletion..





for insert





insert and delete buttons are next to Modification over view button.



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Hello Raj,

U need to go through all the notes suggested and change all the relavant programs. The error u may be getting because some other note may be refering to the FM which needs to be created.

Best option would be to let BASIS guys deal with this. You can help them in putting down the code in the program.

The note clearly indicates the location where you need to apply the patch. This could be by adding the lines indicated in the note or by deleteing the lines indicated. The context block is for identifying the position of change.

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Refer this link:

(Applying OSS notes section)

Hope it may help you.