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OO transaction

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Hello Gurus,

does anyone know if one can call with a OO Transaction a method of a class for which i already have a instance?

The problem is that i have two tables that i want to pass to a oo transaction and i can't write them on the database. The solution that i have got is to pass the two internal tables to a instance of the class and than call the method i need using a transaction(i has to be a transaction), but the OO Transaction creates its own instance of the class and therefor my instance attributes are not to see.


1. say, i have the instance number "10" that i created and this instance contains two tables, two attributes that i need.

2. i am only aloud to call the method of the same class that need the two above mentioned tables with a OO transaction. When i call the transaction it is creating its own instance of the class, say "22" but the tables that i need are in "10" instance.



Kinds regards



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I don't think it would work while doing the call transaction. CALL TRANSACTION starts its own session and it would have its own memory. I initially thought of using Singleton objects to pass the data but I wont get the same object because of the fact that CALL TRANSACTION has its own memory.

Why do you need to setup your program like this?

Naimesh Patel

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thank you for the reply. Meanwhile i solved the problem with database tables for temporary data.

I have a transaction that opens new external modes for some of the menu options, and when the user clicks back in the "main" windows/mode i have to close all the "children". That's the main function that i needed. Anyway i got it fixed with the help of the database


Ioan Constantin.