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OO ABAP programming

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Dear experts,

Can i do this in OO abap prograaming that , declare an internal table t1 of type ty. and do something like

t1 = class ->method( exporting parameter)

where method returns me the internal table

in separate section

methos importing parameter returning itab type ty.

Plz i am very new to OO Programming.


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You can call the method in this fashion and get the output table in your internal table itab.

CALL METHOD Class=>method


ex1 = ex1


tab = itab.


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It depends on how table parameter is declared in class. U can do this only if it is a returning parameter in a method. To understand how to call method with shorter syntaxis check this example please.

program zjdtest.

constants: lc_a type c value 'A',
           lc_b type c value 'B'.

data: ld_c1 type c,
      ld_c2 type c,
      ld_c3 type char2.

class lcl_report definition.
  public section.
    class-methods: method1 importing id_parameter1 type c
                                     id_parameter2 type c
                           exporting ed_parameter1 type c
                                     ed_parameter2 type c,
                   method2 importing id_parameter1 type c
                                     id_parameter2 type c
                           returning value(rd_parameter) type char2.


class lcl_report implementation.
  method method1.
    ed_parameter1 = id_parameter1.
    ed_parameter2 = id_parameter2.
  method method2.
    concatenate id_parameter1 id_parameter2 into rd_parameter.

  lcl_report=>method1( exporting id_parameter1 = lc_a
                                 id_parameter2 = lc_b
                       importing ed_parameter1 = ld_c1
                                 ed_parameter2 = ld_c2 ).

  write: ld_c1, ld_c2.

  ld_c3 = lcl_report=>method2( id_parameter1 = lc_a
                               id_parameter2 = lc_b ).
  write: / ld_c3.