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off cycle payroll adjustment

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hi folks,

I had a question. For an employee we had two off cycle payroll adjustments done last week. we are pulling this info on the web portal using BAPI. We have the apyroll running weekly. Hence I have used the FM CD_RETROCALC_PERIOD to retrieve the payroll results for offcycle.

The information of the first payroll adjustment cycle did not go through while the second one got pulled in to the results. From analysis I found the first cycle did not have the paytype as 'B' (correction run) in RGDIR results table as a result it failed to validate within the FM and had a return value 'X' , while the other one had the paytype as 'B' and validated the condition

ENTRY-INPTY = ENYTR-PAYTY in the FM (CD_RETROCALC_PERIOD ) went through succesfully and the return value is blank.

My question is, why did I get slightly different RGDIR results ? Is it related to how we do the adjustment activity? I also checked that the adjusment reason code is same in both cases (0010). Can anyone tell me how to correct this?

Since we are pulling this info on the portal, the payroll information for this offcycle is not showing up.

Thanks in advance,



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