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Object key and table field association

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Hi all, i have a address number and an object key associated with it from table adrv. Say suppose the object key is a notification number. Is there a way to get the table name and field name of the object key(in this case, qmel and qmnum resp.). There is an app_table and app_field columns in table adrv, but for notification object key the app_field name points to adrnr but i want qmnum instead.


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The appl_key, is like: mandt+'OR'+order number? If so, check the the appl key against the field AUFNR.


Maria João Rocha

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Hello Thanuja,

It is like this:

  • When you create Notification, the Address flows into Notification from the Equipment (or FLocn) master data, on which the Notification is being created.
  • The Object key (APPL_KEY) to get this row in ADRV table is Client+Notification number(12digit). Example: if the client is 100 and Notification number is 10003610 then the Objkey will be 100000010003610.
  • But, you will not get any entry for this value in ADRV table until you make some changes to this address in Notification.
  • Once you make some changes(IW22) in this Address of Notification, this row is added to ADRV table and with the input of above APPL_KEY you'll get this row.

Hope this clears your issue.



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thank you all.

I queried tsadrv table with the appl_table and appl_field obtained from adrv and got the business object. I then passed the business object to function module  SWO_QUERY_KEYFIELDS and got the reference field which is aufnr is this case.