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Not showing green status "Access Possible" In grant Application - OA2C_GRANT

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Dear All,

I've a requirement to export alv data to Google Sheet.

for that , I found below Link

Export ALV Grid Data to Google Sheets

I've performed all the steps till point 2.5.3 as mentioned in above link

OA2C_CONFIG is also done successfully .

when I'm requesting token through OA2C_GRANT , it is asking to access Google Drive Files.

Once i allow, it redirect to OAuth 2.0 Client Accounts(OA2C_GRANT).

but it is not showing success status-"Access Possible" and receive date & time.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Regards,



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Hi Saurabh Mehta

Did you find the solution to this issue?

I have exactly the same problem and I have not found a note to solve it

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Jagruti,

Please check that the Google API Endpoint is setup properly and the SAP backend system configured there, which is contacted for the final redirect, is publicly visible, i.e. visible to the internet. You might also want to check the network traffic - for example with tools like HttpWatch, Chrome Developer Tools, etc. - when requesting the OAuth token to verify if anything goes wrong in the communication. As last option, you can also check the ICF trace (transaction SICF) in the target SAP backend system.

Kind Regards,
Sebastian Machhausen, SAP SE