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Newbie in SAP / ABAP

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Hello everyone!

I am a .NET developer experienced in both and, with 12 years of experience. I am interested in transitioning to SAP ABAP development. Could you please provide information about the demand for ABAP software developers and guidance on where to start?Waiting for your valuable replies.Thank you


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where to start (in my POV) in summary:

well, for starter, you need to understand the theory first, such as, what is a tcode, standard or custom object, program, etc.
From there, move on to the technical part, such as creating or modifying table data, syntax, program, etc.

This is just a little part of it, but you could search for tutorial in the internet or this forum as many had discussed about it.

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Hi Shahbaz,

if you already know how to program and would like to get your feet wet with some ABAP coding, you might want to check out Exercism:

This blog post published by lars.hvam last year, provides an introduction:

Hope this helps!



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Community Manager

Hello Shahbaz,

Since your question is focused on your career, I would also highly recommend that you check out our "Career Corner" group and post the same question there:

You can find more information about how to get started in the group here:

Kind regards,