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Need to trigger change pointers for a change in std text

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I need to trigger an idoc via change pointers when any change in a std text occurs. I am doing this for changes in Customer Master. For example, if the std text obtained via tcode XD02 is changed, then I need to trigger an idoc. Is this possible? What is the object class used?




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have you got the solution for this , Pls reply.

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All Standard text views are stored in V_E071.

Use the View for V_E071 for checking standard text transport

Give Object Filed Name = TEXT and check

And search the standard object

Go to se09 create workbench request and

Double Click the request and go to program give R3TR and Object: TEXT and object Name: TEXT, Nike_FT_AB_4700, ZEPC, D

Object: TEXT

Where Nike_FT_AB_4700 is Customized Name of Standard Text

Text Id: ZEPC (Default: ST)

Language: D (DE)

Go to SE03 double click the Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks in the

R3TR Object ; TEXT and do search.. with respective to that you will get change request.

Do rewards points.