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Need to show extra line in MD04 - MRP Stock/Requirement List.

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There are some documents about extra 'column', which can be implemented with BADI or EXIT.

But there is no documents about extra 'rows' - Is there any BADI / EXIT for add extra rows for information?


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Hello, why do you need extra rows in MD04 ? I get the point to add new column but not to add rows ...

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Hello parkchanseul

Additional rows i.e. MRP elements can be added with the MD_ADD_ELEMENTS BAdI enhancement.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Thanks for answer!

But can you elaborate somewhat more? I know MD_ADD_ELEMENTS can be used to manipulated the result which are used to MD04.

It should be base internal table for showing alv - But I can't find it. Do I need to debug whole program?

Changing paramter, which are ch_copy_mdpsx is changing the value, not ALV tables.

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parkchanseul MRP BAdIs are well documented. You'd need to share in detail what you are trying to achieve, then the community can help you more.

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I'd like to show data, like ECC 6.0 Style (Subcontract Vendor stock showing, Sloc Stock showing..)

If I want to get data - I have to set MRP Area, which can be tremendous work(A lot of Storage location), which I won't do, but someone else do, but customer doesn't want to that.

So we used BADI to create custom logic to control - but that data are not showing - so I have to modify MD04 ALV control table, and append row to that internal table with suitable data - It'll show modified data if i put that right.

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parkchanseul If I understand correctly, you can implement the business requirement with multiple MRP areas, but the customer doesn't want to do that, so you are contemplating a risky BAdI implementation.

So the root cause of the problem is not some MRP functional restriction, but the number of MRP areas to be maintained. Why don't you implement a custom tool to automate MRP areas maintenance instead?

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I'll do If I were accustomed to customers workflow process, not in SAP - I didn't know whole process in this industry - it can be wrong, and it's dangerous because whole MRP run will be ruined if i misplaced single work area, or missing single work area.

In this case - BAdl implementation won't do any changes in real data - It just modify showing data, which I can customizing without risk.

And.. It might be a lot of MRP Area - and customer doesn't want to 'set' that data - They want to do on Sloc basis, not MRP Area basis. I know I can setting like that... but end-user doesn't want changes.

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parkchanseul My position is: use standard as much as possible, instead of implementing enhancements.

However if that's not possible in your case, all MRP enhancements are documented in IMG path: Production -> Material Requirements Planning -> Business Add-Ins for Requirements Planning

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Yes.. I want to use standard - but in MD04 with simplification of MRP, which leads to enforce to MRP Area, makes some problem :

1. You need to find whole process, to avoid mistake(like, you shouldn't add stock to available stock, which are in repairing storage location - it should be FIXED to be 'available stock').

2. Subcontractor Stock - In ECC, They're merged in one screen, which can be useful for one kind of SFG(Semi-finisehd Goods) are splitting into other subcontractor, and they even have stock in own storage location - For end users, They're using that information to distribute SFG to other subcontractors, like load-balancing.

In ECC, They can be shown in one screen - They can have multiple rows, but skillful end-user can split them into useful information.

In MRP Area - They splitted into 3 screen - MRP Area 01 for plant, 02 for Sloc, 03 for Subcontrator - and additional hassle, If they add more subcontrator, they have to put whole MRP Area with that information.

I think It's not convencing to say 'It's what SAP recommends it - They removed that function', It might leads custom development.. which can be risky.

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parkchanseul I totally agree with you that some of S/4HANA "simplifications" bring more problems than benefits. I have written quite a lot on them:

One could argue that the following are some of the mis-designed simplifications:

  • removal of MRP lists
  • forcing MRP areas
  • MRP always creating purchase requisitions for purchased materials
  • removal of LIS Inventory Control

I guess providing a list of MRP BAdI enhancement is as far is I can help you with implementing your requirement.

Sadly - It is absolutely right, but our customer finally agreed to change to MRP Area.

It seems a lot of differences between old-ECC-style MRP and HANA-style MRP - I'll open another question for that.

It confused me somewhat - I know 'the way' - but it seems really.. odd if i understand correctly.

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MD_ADD_ELEMENTS allows this, from its documentation you could do almolst everything in this BAdI, you get the standard result and can change it...

(!) Read documentation of the BAdI, look for foillowing warning 'this BAdI is only designed for SAP internal Industry Business Solutions. Customers or partners should only use this BAdI in exceptional cases and in consultation with the development department.'

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There is a stock remain for each Sloc in SAP ECC - But not HANA if you're not using MRP Area for MD01 or 02.

Customer needs to be see that information. I know its odd. but..

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parkchanseul I'm pretty sure your MRP settings don't fit business requirements. Your recent comment shows that there are some issues with MRP areas settings. Why don't you clarify them before implementing such a risky enhancement?