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Need to print text in footer in page just before the terms and conditions pages

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Hi experts,

i have two scenarios in SAP SCRIPT

First - I have 6 pages in invoice print preview and i want text in the footer in 2nd page only.. out of 6 pages last fours pages of terms and condition which doesnot consist of footer window. So i want text in footer in page which is just before the terms and condition page.

Second- I have 5 pages in tax debit print preview, so the last 4 pages is TNCs... So only 1st page is left and want footer in that page.

So in both above mentioned scenario output type is RD00 and same formname for both.

So what logic should i write to print the text in footer in a page which is just before the TNCs pages

Which is page second in 1st scenario and page First in second scenario

Please do needful