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Need to email error log from CK40N product costing run

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I am trying to create a BDC program that will run each step of CK40N (create costing run) concurrently. During each step, the LOG created with error message type will need to be emailed to a distribution list. Does anybody need any userexit that can be used to output the log created by CK40N as email attachment? Issuing the list to the spool and then send the spool request as email attachment is not the most preferrable way for us. If there is any straight forward way to send the log in each step via email, please kindly share some lights.

Thank you very much.



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Hi Minami,

This can be done if you are using CALL TRANSACTION.. with MESSAGES INTO MESSTAB.. option. You can then use the function call FORMAT_MESSAGE to build the message texts in another internal table.. then use the 'SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1'... function call and send the emails..


Suresh Datti

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Thanks for the advice. However, the messages captured into the messtab will only have the message regarding the CALL transaction itself, but not the actual log of the costing run. The costing log can be accessed by clicking the log button after each step in the costing run is executed but it will only generate a ALV list report on the screen. We need to email the same list to some distribution lists.

Any advice is appreciated.