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Need to delete the last 2 character from a string

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I need to delete the last 2 character from a string.

I am using strlen to identify its lenght. If someone can guide how its should be done.

after this two step I tired using

w_string2 = w_string + w_level_03.

w_string = it_cc-prctr.

w_level_03 = strlen( W_STRING ) - 2.

w_string2 = w_string + w_level_03.

the third step is adding the record not deleting the last character/ number from the string.


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Replace the following as your Third step.

w_string2 = w_string(w_level_03).

You shud be fine.

Vinodh Balakrishnan

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The following code it to delete the last 2 chars:

str = "testing".

int offset = strlen( str ) - 2.

str = str+0(offset).

Try this if useful.

Thanks & Regards,

Kiran Chennapai

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Hi try this..

w_level_03 = strlen( W_STRING ).

lv_offset = w_level_03 - 2.

w_string2 = w_string +(lv_offset).


w_string2 = w_string +0(lv_offset).