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Need logic to develop input paramaeter (dynamic selection)

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Hi All,

A Function Module needs to be developed with the following are the input parameters

A Plant(Optional)

B Application(Optional)

C Material(Optional)

D Date and Timestamp(Mandatory only if none of the above are provided)

If there is no value in the 'D'parameter, then it will apply the logic mentioned below in the function module.

The function module should do following checks

(a) If A is provided then B and C should not be null.

(b) If C is provided then B should not be null.


(c ) The user should provide data and timestamp in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format.

This date range should not be more than 14 days.

My questions is,

(1)How to bring parameter 'D' manitory if paramaeter A,B and C is not provided.

(2)how to make a check if A is provided , B and C should not be null

(3) how to make a check if B is provided B should not be null.

(4)How to check the user has entered the date not more than 14 days.

can any one help me out in this logics ...




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IF A ,B and C is initial.

give message as d is madatory.


if A is not initial.

check B and C is not intial.

do the things.


if B is not intial.

check C is not initial.


4th one i am not clear wat ur syaing.

if the user enterd date is todays date.

get todays date into local variable.

check the 14 days.

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Thanks for ur quick response .

My last question is date time stamp value -Range should not exceeds more than 14 days.need to put a check .



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add below check if date and time fileds are two fields.

get date into local variable.

local variable = local variable + 14.

so it adds only 14 days to date.

bu sing concatanate statement

concatanate local variable time into local variable .

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You can develop yr logic easily in Selection-Screen Output event .

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Hi guys,

When iam using in function module.

Selection-Screen Output system is giving this below error .

Within FORM routines and function modules, the SELECTION-SCREEN

statement is not allowed.