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Need a badi after creation of delivery

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I want to find out the badi or exit after the creation and commit of delivery through vl10c. Using that badi with delivery details i want to create a transfer order.I checked delivery_publish badi but in the both methods delivery is not yet stored in the database.




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Why do you need a BADI to generate transfer orders at delivery creation when you can do this via WMTA output? You create the delivery, which triggers WMTA, which creates transfer orders.

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HI Ravi S

Can you refer to the link below

You probably need MWMTOAU1 EXIT_RLAUTA10_001 to be used for transfer order creation

Let me know if that helps.



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Thanks for the answers.. If i create a transfer order with this, it will update in document of delivery. Why because i successfully created Transfer Order but it's not showing in document flow.

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It is unlikely that the mentioned exit can be particularly useful in the described scenario.

According to the SMOD documentation, MWMTOAU1 is used for custom selection of transfer requirements, from which you generate transfer orders via RLAUTA10. In the case of delivery creation in standard OTC processes you do not work with transfer requirements, therefore you do not use RLAUTA10 for transfer order creation, which in turn means that this enhancement will not be triggered.

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Hi Veselina,

I used an implicit enhancement to create an transfer order after delivery completion but it is not updating in document flow.

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ravi_sdn why you need an implicit enhancement for transfer order creation in the first place?

You still have not explained what exactly you have to achieve that is not covered in standard.

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In VL10C once the delivery is created they want to create transfer order automatically that is the reason i created an implicit enhancement.

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ravi_sdn I still do not understand why WMTA with immediate output cannot be used in your scenario (especially considering that it requires no coding effort and can be configured in minutes).