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Multiple Required Tax Classification Creating Customer Sale Data (XD01) using LSMW

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I am using LSMW standard Batch/ Direct Input to create Customer: Customer Sale Area data using

Object: 0050

Method: 0000

Program Name: RFBIDE00

Program Type: B

I got the problem when creating because there are multiple tax classification in Billing Documents tab which it can only fill one tax classification(required field). After it finish creating a customer, it tries to create the same customer with different country.

I wanted it to fill all tax classification. How can I solve the problem? Is there any code to be added?


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how you have created your File?

This is similar to Header and Item data.. for one customer, you should pass multiple records for tax classifications.. but it all depends on how you are preparing the file and population the classifications records..

Also please go thru the SE38 documentation of the RFBIDE00 where it has explained some specific cases for tax data

- harshad

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Hi Harshad,

Thank you for your respond. I have prepare file as below:

Customer number | Country | Tax Classification

11000001                AU          1

11000001                US          1

11000001                UK          1

When it come to the second object. it said that 'Customer 11000001 has already been created.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.


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Basically for every row in the File, you are posting the records using the BAPI. You have to call the BAPI at end of your Customer. When your file is getting processed, you have to make use of two global variables & processing sections available in the LSMW like "BEGIN_OF_RECORD", "END_OF_RECORD", END_OF_Transaction, Transfer_RECORD, TRANSFER_TRANSACTION.

You will need to play with variable to decide actual posting of the data for a particular Customer

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Thank you for ur reply Harshad. I am new to coding. If it is not disturbing you, can you please clarify your answer.

Thank you