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Multiple 'F3' Quality Notifications for defects from single Service Order

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Those of you working w/ the QM module no doubt know that if a failure is recorded against an inspection characteristic linked to a Production Order (Order category 10), that SAP standard functionality creates a Defect document (Quality Notification type 'F3'). Any subsequent failures recorded that are linked to that same Production Order (as well as the material & serial number) are recorded, as additional line item defectes, on that same 'F3' Quality Notification.

HOWEVER, I have found when failures are recorded against inspection characteristics for a Maintenance Order (Order Category 30), a new Defect document (Quality Notification type 'F3') is created for each failure that is recorded. Why is this?

My client wants only a single 'F3' Quality Notification to be created for any and all failures that are recorded against a single Maintenance Order. I do not see any way to accomplish this w/o a core mod. Understanding WHY SAP treats these two order categories differently will go a long way to assisting me in designing an adequate solution.

Thanks for your help.


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A couple more pieces of information....

1. We are currently running SAP Enterprise (4.7).

2. If I go to SPRO -> 'Quality Management' -> 'Inspection Lot Creation' -> 'Maintain Inspection Types', and display the details for Inspection Type 14 (which we use for Service Orders) the check box for 'One Q-notification per insp. lot' is active. Clearly the system is not processing a single Quality Notification per inspection lot on service orders.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Happy New Year