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MSEG-SMBLN Field is not getting updated

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Hello SAP Gurus,

I have an issue that SMBLN at MSEG is not updated despite reversal process was performed as shown on the figure.

Document number of '5003948378' successfully updated its SMBLN,

while Doc No. of '5003948379' wasn't. As you may already have been aware that BWART 102 are both created on the documents which clearly shows that two documents all have gone through its reversal process.

I'm desperately looking forwards to your answers.

Many thanks.


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Nevermind everyone. Solved out the problem why SMBLN wasn't populated.

it was an RFC program which did 102 not through MBST (the reversal) but 102 manually through MIGO.

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Thank you for providing the solution. It may help others with a similar question