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moving data from 1 internal tab to other using corresponding(including case statement to manipulate field) in abap 740

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i have moved records from 1 internal table to other using corresponding statement like

it = corresponding#(field1 = field1)

along with this i need to manipulate 1 field like

above is working fine

it = corresponding#(field1 = field1 case field2

                                                 when '1'

                                                 field3 = 'good'


                                                 field3 = bad)

but this i cant able to achieve

pls help


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Unfortunately, CORRESPONDING is not capable of that unt il now, it just deals with field names, nothing about content.

You can do something like:

it = value #( for wa in it_old value #( base corresponding #(  wa [mapping if necessary] ) field3 =  cond #( when wa-field2 = '1' then 'good' else 'bad'  )  )  ).

edit: I think you could also turn it around, not sure what's better:

it = value #( for wa in it_old corresponding #(  base ( value #( field3 = cond #( when wa-field2 = '1' then 'good' else 'bad'  ) ) ) wa [mapping excluding special fields if necessary] ).

I just wrote this here in the editor to get the idea, maybe you have to fix the syntax.

In the end, it is nothing else than this:

-> loop at it_old into

-> move corresponding wa to new_wa

-> manipulate fields

-> add new_wa to new_table

kind regards,