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Move / Copy file from one folder to another folder

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I want to copy the file from one folder to another.

I am using SAPFTPA.

these function modules are used Function module used CALL FUNCTION 'HTTP_SCRAMBLE' , CALL FUNCTION 'FTP_CONNECT',


. The path D:\Sales\Macine\Product\fail_log contains file test.csv

and i want to move test.csv file to another path D:\Sales\Macine\Product\fail_log_n

can any one guide me.....


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The file is in presentation server or Application server ? Why do you used FTP command for non FTP protocol ?

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We have third party integration process about sales data. the third party is send files on ftp server (with ip ).

Our program picking the files from that path , reading it and then deleting files .

But before deleting these file we want the copy of this file on another folder for backup purpose,

Thank you

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Can you try this ARCHIVFILE_SERVER_TO_SERVER function?

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You can use the FTP command "rename" (via function module FTP_COMMAND), which also works for moving.

         handle        = ftp_handle
         command       =
'rename D:\Sales\Macine\Product\fail_log\test.csv D:\Sales\Macine\Product\fail_log_n\test.csv'
         data          = result
         command_error = 1 
         tcpip_error   = 2.

NB: don't forget to wrap it will all classic calls to HTTP_SCRAMBLE, FTP_CONNECT and FTP_DISCONNECT of course.

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There is one issue that i missed in my first query ....The third party software placing the file after one hour scheduling and file is placing with naming


D:\Sales\Macine\Product\fail_log\test_16.01.2023_16.30.22. and so on ...

I have to pick all the files . so i cannot use rename D:\Sales\Macine\Product\fail_log\test.csv D:\Sales\Macine\Product\fail_log_n\test.csv' so cannot fix the file name.

Before reading the files from folder i have to keep the backup of all files from this folder.

Thank you.

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So, I answered your question and future visitors will find the answer how to move a file (in FTP).

But you have other questions, not sure, please clarify:

  1. How to copy from server to server? (you probably know how to read and write files from your ABAP program to internal table, so I guess you need server to server) There is no specific FTP command, but maybe you could use directly an Operating System command like command = '!cp frompath topath'
  2. How to get the list of file names in one folder? command = 'dir folder' (for instance)
  3. How to move all the files in bulk? You can't, you can do it file by file (or command = 'del targetfolder', then 'rename sourcefolder targetfolder', then 'mkdir sourcefolder', but you would experience authorization issues probably)

NB: in command, you can indicate a variable for the command parameter, so you can indicate any file name you want at runtime.