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monitor ABAP from UNIX

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I was wondering if anyone can answer the following question for me.  I can't seem to find any good answers off the web.

Is it possible to execute a ABAP program in such as a way that it can be tracked directly from the underlying O/S?  For example, can a ABAP program be executed with, say, a specific process id so that in UNIX we can track it with top or iostat? If that's not possible, how about running a ABAP program under a specific UNIX userid?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!


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Sorry, this is not possible. You can see on OS level the so called disp-work processes which do the job. But you can't look into them more closely.

The ABAP runtime distributes the work on several work processes (the disp+work ). Several ABAP users share one process. Not with parallel threads but on a time slice basis, so only one user session is executed at a given time in on e work process. But you can't see from OS level which program is currently executed. The SAP users are not OS users. The work processes run all with the same OS user.

You can of course check on OS level if all the work processes are up and running but this is probably not want you want.

There are several monitoring services and tools available. Have a look at the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) documentation.