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module pool

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This regarding the thing on which I am working,

Actually thing is that in the first screen I will pass the a single field(hu) which is scanned,

Based on this all the validations would take place of checking of same material or not,

Hu is valid or not, pallet id is valid or not, after all the validations are done in the same screen I have

To display the material, vendor and quantiy, and when I go for intiate returns(post), it has to go and store

All the data in an internal table and display the next screen in which I have to display the other fields

Such as of p.o no.,vendor no., and outbound delivery.,, date and time of processing

And a email has to be sent to the vendor,

All the validations part are completed but I have to display the two screens with data.

It is a vendor return process. I which it checks the material, hu, pallet id and equipment status

And then goes for posting and display all the relavant data that has to be sent to vendor

Thanks in advance,

This is an urgent requirement please help me.



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I am not getting your requirement clearly. Please specify your problem clearly. It would help me to solve your problem.