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module pool programming in ecc 6.0

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Hi everyone

i am working on ecc 6.0.

i tried to create a modulepool program but not able to do as the screen has changed completely in the layout editor.

its not the same we see in 4.7 version. can some one suggest me how to create screens in ecc 6.0.

thanks in advance


Active Contributor

Active Contributor
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The screen painter is basically the same in 4.7 and ECC6.

The difference you see might be because you are using the alphanumerical screen painter in 4.7 where the default in ECC is the graphical screen painter. Both are available in 4.7 and ECC.

To switch back to the alphanumerical in ECC6, just do:

- SE80

- menu Utilities

- Settings

- tabstrip Screen Painter

- remove the flag for graphical layout editor

This will start the alphanumerical instead of the graphical one

However the graphical one is much easier to use so you might want to look into using that one instead of the (old) alphanumerical one.

Hope that helps,