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Module Pool Program

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There is one requirement where need to create a table control as selection screen and based upon the selected line

need to print as output in different screen by using module pool program.

Selection Screen:

Output Screen:


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Be careful when you say "Selection Screen", as people could think you are talking about defining a screen with PARAMETERS and SELECT-OPTIONS.

I don't see any difficulty. What is your question?

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That kind of output screen how can I achieve.

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dm_0209 You can build an output like you want either with step loop or simple WRITE statements. However you'd much better off using TABLE CONTROL as they are much more flexible. However you'd need to display plant, material and batch in one line instead of three separate ones as in your mock up.

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Table control I am using for selection screen to give the input and to output screen I need to print the same way like the image as by using module pool program. could you please help me on that to achieve the same?

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Which step are you unable to perform,

  • The initial screen with table control (not a selection-screen on Abap sense)
  • The final display - Please elaborate on 'need to print as output in different screen' you want a spool output, another table control or a nice ALV class?

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I guess you need to take Dynpro training first. Something like a Grid control with selection column can be easily achieved using CL_SALV_TABLE with few lines of code. A modal is easy to create, there's just a checkbox to indicate that Dynpro is modal, and you use CALL SCREEN #### STARTING AT ... There are demo programs in your system too. Refine your search to find pieces of information in the forum.

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It still amazes me when people come here, post their requirements expecting for us to do their work, and there are still some kind people trying to help.

Your patience deserves something more than likes, kudos or a Nobel Prize.

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Thank you so much to all