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Missing Date fields in table maintenance generation

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I have some non-key date fields in my custom table and have noticed that they do not get generated on the overview screen of my two-step table maintenance dialog. They are present on the detail screen.

If I change the domain of the fields to CHAR they appear.

If I change the maintenance type to one-step they appear.

It seems it is standard behaviour for date fields to be omitted from the overview screen.

Can anyone confirm that this is standard behaviour or give an explanation for date fields being treated in this manner?...or come up with a way of including the fields on the header screen.

I already know that I can:

1. customize the screen to include the fields

2. create a non-date domain for the fields which uses date-type calendar dropdown




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What is the data element of those date fields?... there are some "funnies" hardcoded inside the Table Maintenance Generator code for fields that have any of those below. The code in MSVIMF21 / form create_dynp_fieldlist might be worth stepping through, if this isn't the reason.


  begdate_dtel1 like dd03p-rollname value 'BEGDATUM',
  begdate_dtel2 like dd03p-rollname value 'BEGDA',
  begdate_dtel3 like dd03p-rollname value 'ISH_BEGDT',
  begdate_dtel4 like dd03p-rollname value 'VIM_BEGDA',
  enddate_dtel1 like dd03p-rollname value 'ENDDATUM',
  enddate_dtel2 like dd03p-rollname value 'ENDDA',
  enddate_dtel3 like dd03p-rollname value 'ISH_ENDDT',
  enddate_dtel4 like dd03p-rollname value 'VIM_ENDDA'.

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Thankyou Jonathan, I would have been too lazy to go into debug if I didn't have the form name you supplied! It wasn't the reason you suspected but it was failing the following check in that routine:


  • maintenance in list screen required?

CHECK p_tvdir-type = one_step_maint OR

( <w_dfies>-keyflag NE space "force only keyfields

OR ( 'CHARNUMC' CS <w_dfies>-datatype "and view char-fields

AND p_skip_fields = space )

OR ( 'CHARNUMC' CS <w_dfies>-datatype "and view char-fields

AND <w_dfies>-intlen GE 20 ) "int 3263961/2000

OR <w_dfies>-rollname = 'BEGDA' "time dependence

OR <w_dfies>-rollname = 'ENDDA' "time dependence

OR <w_dfies>-tabname NE p_gencb-viewname ). "or text table field


Because the datatype was DATS.......looks like it will only include key fields and CHAR, NUMC non-key fields or those with a rollname of BEGDA/ENDDA or texttable fields. In debug I changed the datatype to CHAR and it generated with my field included. I think there might be an OSS note to fix this but haven't found it yet.

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I have experienced the similar problem and had to manually include the numeric/date fields in the debugging mode as mentioned in this thread. We did check with SAP and thought the response could help you people...

Got a response from SAP like the below.

"with release 4.6B, SAP has redesigned the screen generator for SM30 according to usability guidelines that had been approved at that time. And it was one point, that usually character fields contain data to be shown in an overview screen while numbers, values, dates etc. should be placed on a detail screen.

However, this is only valid if a user decides to generate a two-step type dialogue. If you create a one-step type dialog without a single screen, all fields will be placed on the overview screen.

Second, please keep in mind that the table maintenance generator is a development tool that produces only a basis for further work, and very often, the maintenance screens have to be improved manually."