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I want to add new tab at header level in MIGO.

For : Goods Receipt - Purchase Order - 101 movement

I want to add four fields for transport detail.

Transporter Name + L.R.No. + Date of Reporting + Time of Reporting.

I know BADI and customer exist. But this is my first practical assignment.

I need valuable suggestions from you guys...please help me..



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Hi Raj,

Infact i was helping a few other SDN members with the same requirement,Please check out the following steps

1) Create an implementation of the BADI - > MB_MIGO_BADI in se19

for example consider we created a badi implemntation ZMIGO

2) inside the badi on the top menu

click on Goto -> sample code -> copy

3) SAP will give a message of overwriting the ZMIGO BADI

Accept/Click yes -> activate the BADI and the code

4)now RUN the transaction MIGO -> we can see that additional tabs have been added in the standard screen

We can analyse the PBO_item / PAI_item and PBO_header / PAI_header method of this SAP example in ZMIGO and analyze how the fields can be brought to the screen

what SAP does is that it calls a program with a screen number in PBO(for both header and item level separately) and in that program we give our custom or user-defined we can change the code in ZMIGO to call our own program with the desired screen number and create the fields in the update it to Ztable we can use the same PAI of header/item as per requirement since it is to a Ztable.

For additional help please refer

Please check , revert if addiional help is required and reward if helpful



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thanks Byju...

why ztable ? can't we add fields in standard table?


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Hi raj,

As of now i have not come up with a requirement to extend the standard table and provide the fields of it on MIGO.Please check out the parameters available for the methods and see the feasibility of updating a standard table by providing additional fields in MIGO.

The challenge will be to link the structure of the standard table and and fill the extended fields while saving.If you come across a solution to update an extended standard table using an implementation of MB_MIGO_BADI,please let me know..