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MIGO exit/ BADI for number range

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Hi All,

When I am doing MIGO, then I want that after posting, a particular document no should be genrated which is wrt particular PO Number range.

For example, One PO No range is from, lets say, 1000 to 1999, then Doc no generated is, lets say 100 to 199,

and if PO no range is 2000 to 2999 then Doc no generated should be from 200 to 299.

So is there any BADI or user exit for the same or is there any other way of doing the same.

Please guide me.



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and what do you do if you get multple GRs for one PO item line?

let's say the PO item line is 10.000 pcs of material X and you receive over the duration of one day 9999 pcs in single deliveries a 1pcs/delivery???

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Hi Mylene,

The actual rqmt is I want to generate MIGO doc number wrt PO Document type..

As you are asking that there could be multiple GR's for one particular PO, so all these GR's will be having one particular number range, lets say from 1000000000 to 1999999999.

I have got one enhancement ES_SAPMM07M, where its selecting number range from table NRIV.

But the problem is I am not able to implemet this from se18 or se19.

Now could u plz tell me the suggestions...


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Hi mylene ,

Is there any enhancement available for determin the material doc. no on plant , doc type , movement type , year ?