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MIGO - Enhancement Spots - Transactions Sequence

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Hi all,

I'd like to sequence some transactions, such as MIGO then MB1A. Actually, I'd like to automatically launch MB1A using a BI or a BAPI once MIGO has comitted its work from user input. This would happen on regular transaction using some trigger of mine such as a specific value in a field (a specific Goods Movement, e.g.) or a specific check box inserted if possible.

Unfortunately, all the Exits or BAdIs I've found are for checking or replacing data, but none are at the end of SAPLMIGO, not after the commit.

Unless someone have a clue, I'm thinking of implementing some enhancement point at an implicit spot, or maybe explicit, to launch the 2nd transaction in Batch Mode. But I'm not familiar with the Enhancement Framework. Will this modification (or fix if I'm using an explicit spot) be erase in the event of a SAP upgrade ? Do you think this solution is possible or that I'd rather copy the MIGO ?

Thanks in advance,




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Have you looked exit EXIT_SAPLMBMB_001, I think this will trigger after material document is created.

May be this will help you.

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You can use workflow to do that

Or you can create new transaction(Maybe ZMIGO) with program with command

Call transaction 'MIRO'.

Check any condition you want

Call transaction 'MB1A'



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Hi !

Thanks for you answers !

Calling 2 transactions in one program sounds fine, but then I can't know the lines that have been created.

However, EXIT_SAPLMBMB_001 may do the job, but I have to investigate more since it seems to be IN UPDATE TASK (gosh, I hate that )

Concerning Enhancement, what makes a point/section/spot Explicit ? Is it because it's written in standard code and that we can add a code pulg-in ? Or is it possible to modify standard (with an appropriate development key) directly and write Enhancement point/section/spot ? Will that 2nd option resist to standard code upgrade ? Will implicit enhancement resist too ?

Thx a lot,