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Hi All

I have created a New Relcoation infotype, for the start date and end date, I have to give messge, and error message in the status bar.

End date PrecedsStart Date, (if end date precedes start date, )

My question is -- IS there any standard messages available in SAP which I can use.

Please guide




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Goto table T100, execute it.

Area - <b>/BEV3/CH02</b>

Message number - <b>003</b>

or you have lot's of messages in T100, just give EN as language and text as '<b>enddate*</b>'. You'll get the list of messages.


Pavan P.

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Message class 53

Number 507

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Hi AJ,

Yes. There are standard messages available in SAP.

Just check the table T100 which contains messages as per the application area.

In your case there is a message available in T100 .

the message is :

End date precedes start date

Message no. PG199

Goto table T100 put Application Area - field ARBGB as PG

Message number- field MSGNR as 199

You will get the above message. You can use this standard SAP message in your module pool for custom infotype.

Hope this will help.

Reward points if it helpful in any way.



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Hi aj,

1. If u have created the infotype using PM01,

and the fields are the BEGDA and ENDDA,

2. then this <b>validation will be automatically taken care of</b> .


amit m.

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please see the link here the screen shots of the HR infotype creation is given ....

in that see the step 6 screen shot ... there in that screen parameters just fill the same as in the screen shot to your newly created infotype ....

<a href="http://"></a>

it will take care of the messages for (end date precedes start date )..

you don't want to give your own message to the newly created infotype ......

<b>in the Display and selection

select w/ start -> 3

selectw/end ->5

selectw/o date ->1 . do F4 and see the description also ..</b>

reward points if it is usefull .....