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Material Classification

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Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding the classification of Material. Hereby I have to use three tables: KSSK, AUSP and INOB. We have already gotten some selection criteria from our client. Two of the criteria are:

Select all INOB records where:



Select all KSSK records where:

KSSK.KLART = "023" and

KSSK.OBJEK = INOB.CUOBJ from INOB records extracted in step before.

My question is, why KSSK, OBJEK field is same to INOB.CUOBJ and not to INOB, OBJEK.

Any help is really appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!!!


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do you need to pull the characteristics of the material?

if that is the case u have FM to pull the characteristics of the material.

let us know ur exact req.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I would say, your question is not clear for me. Could you please tell me details what you would like to know to give an answer on my requirements?

Could you tell me than in which case the two fields (KSSK.OBJEK and INOB.CUOBJ) will be linked? and why i would be not able to link KSSK.OBJEK with INOB.OBJEK?