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Mass Add authorizations using RSECADMIN for user tab

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Hi All,

I sent the following to ask SAP if there is a way to do this and they told me they could not help unless I wanted to pay the consulting fees so I am now curious if they have a way to do this. I have reviewed the help documents and OSS notes and could not find anything . They pro-offered adding the authorization S_RS_AUTH to the role but I do not want to do that. I want to do it by user instead of creating many multiple roles. Below is the question. Does anyone know how to do a mass add to authorizations to users using RSECADMIN.

We want to be able to add multiple users to an authorization created

through RSECADMIN rather than add them one by one to each user. Is

there a mass user add with RSECADMIN. I looked and cannot find this

feature. Thanks, Mary


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There are two different methods of assigning authorisations.


1. From the RSECADMIN transaction select 'Users', enter the name and select 'Change'. Use the value help to selct the authorisation in question and for a single value select 'Insert'. If you select the 'Nodes' option it is possible to select nodes of hierarchies on characteristic 0TCATUTH (a single ‘H’; not to be confused with 0TCAUTHH!). This char offers automatically all BI authorizations as virtual master data. These master data can be organized in hierarchies, a property that offers the possibility to group authorizations by meaning or application field. Press "Save" to save the assignment to database.

Assignment via Roles and Profiles

2. It is also possible to assign using roles or more specifically, profiles of roles. Use PFCG and instead of entering manually created object use S_RS_AUTH which gives you the BI Auth field to enter the appropriate authorisations.

Hope this helps

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the information but I am already aware of those two options. I guess I did not explain well enough.

What I want to be able to do it add an authorizations to several users at once. I do not want to put it in a role. For example how you can use SU10 or PFCG and add multiple users to a role. I am looking for the same functionality so I do not have to add an authorization a user at a time but would like to add multiple users to an authorization in one step.

I know I can do this by creaating a SECATT but was wondering if this standard functionality was provided by SAP.



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Hi Mary,

RSECADMIN does not have the simple mass change feature that you need.

The only other option is to use the ODS 0TCA_DS01 and the GENERATION button in the RSECADMIN. If you are familiar with data loading into ODS or DSO then this is not a tough task. I tested it and works like a charm.

If CATT is allowed in your production systems then your choice is not a bad idea.