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Mashup Infty - Change Data IF_FPM_GUIBB_FORM->GET_DATA does not maintain values

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sorry but i'm quite new in this topic.

We created a new class Z* in copy of the standard class CL_HRPAO_GUIBB_PA_DETAIL_FORM.

In the method GET_DATA we change a value in a field of structure CS_DATA and then we set the variable EV_DATA_CHANGED = 'X'.

The new value is shown in the screen, but when the method is called again for some event, at the begin of the method the value we had set in CS_DATA still exist but when the super method super->if_fpm_guibb_form->get data is called (and i'm quite sure is mandatory to call this method) the value we set previously come back to the initial value.

Is it normal this behaviour? Is there any way to have the values set as we did also after the super method is called?

Thanks a lot




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Did you follow the steps in the documentation?

SAP HCM - Creating Form Component Configurations

When the method SET_EDIT_FIELDS (class CL_HRPAO_GUIBB_PA_DETAIL_FORM) is called, here is your new field in the list?

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Hi Shkelqim,

thank you for your answer. Yes, I followed the guidelines as described in the link you reported and furthermore i created in copy the class Z*CL_HRPAO_GUIBB_PA_DETAIL_FORM* to link as feeder class.

In the method SET_EDIT_FIELDS i can see my field set correctly as IN (input), but still i have the problem...

Thank you.