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mantain a PR(ME51N) with error

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is there any solution to mantain a PR (ME51N) with an item error.

so if we go with ME52N we can view this error.

thks for your help


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The question is too cryptic to get for one to get a good shot at answering it.

if there is an error during a 'create PR' transaction and the PR by design, is not saved to database on accoount of that error, there would be nothing to view once one comes out of that transaction.

Ditto for 'modify PR' with above conditions.

However your requirement appears to be finding out what error the user had got in ME51N maintainance after the user has come out of the transaction.

You may be fortunate enough to find a log table somewhere, with this information.

Else, if finding the error message post-facto is a drop -dead business critical requirement, then there is a way , but it will involve investment and change management.

The class of users whose error needs to be tracked will not be entering the transaction through SAP menu or ME51N. You will provide them a report transaction inside which you will call ME51N in the foreground. Collect any messages raised into a message tab like bdcmsgcoll. Once the user is done, control comes back to your encapsulating report program. From there you may send the messages as report output, to a spool or email recipient or store in custom tables created in the database for this purpose.