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Making prctr mandatory using exits

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Hi all,

Which customer exit shall i use to make profit center field mandatory

in coro transaction.

I have used screen variants to make profit center mandatory

but it is mandatory only if we navigate to the assignment tab in coro transaction.


Tanveer ahmed.


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Maybe you can try modification. Change the screen 5140 (SAPLCOKO) from "possible" to "required". See the attachment.

Best of luck.


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Look at module executed in PAI, the module " header_check_user_exit" call the exit EXIT_SAPLCOKO1_004 (enhancement PPCO0018 "Check for changes to production order header") could you try to insert your check there.



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Hi Tanveer,

you can check with your functional this can be made mandatory by configuration.

If still you are not getting any solution you can go for either of below options.

1. Make the field mandatory by using screen variant.

2.Using field exits(create field exit on data element).

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Hi shadab,

Functional people said by configuration it is possible , but the drawback is

if we make changes through configuration then it is getting reflected to 20

scenarios which are not required by them.

1.I have tried screen variant, the problem with screen variant was that , if

we navigate to that screen only then the screen is displaying the field prctr

mandatory or else if we save it directly it is getting saved.

2. I haven't tried field exits ,


Tanveer ahmed.

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Hi Tanveer,

Prior creating field exits ask your basis team to set the parameter "abap/fieldexit"  to YES in RZ10 and than follow the below steps.

1.goto T-cod CMOD.

2.than in command field of transaction CMOD type PRFB and press enter, It will take you to field exits for data element.

3.In menu Bar field Exit->Create->Give Data element name->It will take you to create FM->Create it and write the error message when ''PRCTR'' is initial.

4.Activate everything.

5.Check the result(It will trigger wherever this data element is used).

Note: you can make this field mandatory for particular program and screen also.

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