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MAin window in Next PAge of the smartform

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I have a requirement for PO printing.

The item details and the totals get printed.. At the end of all this, i need to print the text entered in the Header TEXT tab on a new page

The layout of the new page(page2) is different from page1.

I created a main window in page2(which prints the header text).

While printing ,the content in the main window of page2 is not printed..

if i declare it as a secondary window,then it works fine..

I want to declare it as a main window..

What should i do?


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Hi Arpita,

If i understand your requirement clearly, you have main windows in both First and Second Page and you want to print page 2 main page after page 1 main page.

If this is the requirement: Then on the Main window of first page - Right Click and say

Create -> Flow Logic -> Command.

Here you have the option to specify the next page which can have it's own main page with a different content.

Please let me know if further details are required.

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hi ,

u cannot create more than 1 main window in smartforms.

in scripts u have the option to craete 99 main windows, but do remeber that in smart forms u cannot create more than 1 main window.

revrt back if any issues,



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rigthly said there can be ony one main window in smartform.

you can do one thing you create a table and use its header only witha template having single row and single column and print header text in text element inside the header.

it will serve the same purpose as the main window i.e it will expand to the next page automatically header text exceeds the page length.

hope this will solve your problem



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