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macros in HR abap

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Where can i find the macros i.e tcode if any and any info regarding macros.

Points will be given to all contributors.


Venkat Chaitanya


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Hi venkal

look at table TRMAC.

regards, Dieter

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Macro contains some part of source code which it will be useful for number of applications.

You can get the list of macros in the table TRMAC.

Whenever you are using the macros ,check whether you have included the relevany logical database in program attributes.

Macros can also be defined as TRMAC macros. The source code of these modules is stored in

the function section of the control table TRMAC. This code is grouped under a specific name

in the table key. According to conventions, the first two letters of the name must stand for the

application. The rest of the name is freely definable.

Customer-specific macro modules should begin with a special character. The macros

defined in the control table TRMAC can be used by all reports.



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Thanks to both of you............


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Hi venkat,

To add above two,You can see HR Macros in includes DBPNPCOM and DBPCHCOM.

The macros in logical database PNP (i.e for PA data) are located in Include DBPNPCOM.(which also has Include DBPNPMAC)

Macros like RP_LOWDATE_HIGHDATE,rp_read_infotype etc.

The macros in logical database PCH (i.e for Org.Mgmt)are located in Include DBPCHCOM.which has macros like


Hope this Helps,